Find funeral directors in Chesterfield 

If you’re looking for funeral directors in Chesterfield, our online directory has all the info you need. From familiar names like Co-op Funeralcare to family-run funeral homes, we can help you choose the right funeral director before making final arrangements.

Planning a funeral in Chesterfield

When planning a funeral in Chesterfield, there are 4 council-run cemeteries to choose from alongside the Chesterfield and District Crematorium.

For religious services, there are a number of places of worship where your beliefs can be celebrated. These include many churches, 2 mosques and a Hindu temple.

Find a Chesterfield crematorium

The Chesterfield Crematorium has a chapel and 2 areas for spreading cremated remains. One is situated to the north of the crematorium and the other is to the south named the Woodland Walk. When cremated remains are scattered, the location is recorded so other family members can be scattered in the same area. Anyone can be cremated here regardless of religious beliefs.

Find a burial ground or cemetery in Chesterfield

If you’re looking for a Chesterfield cemetery, there are 4 cemeteries to choose from:

  • Brimington Cemetery (council-run): includes separate areas for Muslim and cremated remains.
  • Boythorpe Cemetery (council-run): includes a separate children’s area with a baby garden and an area for cremated areas.
  • Staveley Cemetery (council-run): includes areas for cremated remains, children and Roman Catholics.
  • Spital Cemetery (council-run): includes new and old areas, as well as an area for cremated remains.

For more info and maps of each cemetery, visit the council’s website.


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