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When a loved one passes away, many people face the added stress and pressure of having to organise the funeral. This can be extremely challenging, especially at such a difficult time. Finding some of the funeral directors Chalfont St Peter has to help you make funeral arrangements can therefore help to alleviate some of the stress. Browse Funeral Choice’s online directory to help you find a funeral director in Chalfont St Peter.

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Funeral Choice’s online directory features Chalfont St Peter funeral services from a selection of funeral directors in the area helping you to find the right one for you. This enables you to gather all the relevant information quickly and in one place, without the need to put in the extra time to do research and contact each funeral director individually.

Funeral Director Costs Chalfont St Peter

Prices are as accurate as possible, based on the most up to date information for fees relating to a simple funeral package. This includes:
• All paperwork associate with the death and funeral
• The collection and preparation of the body
• The transfer of the body to the funeral service via a hearse or carriage
• The price of a simple coffin or casket

Funeral Services Chalfont St Peter

There are third party costs, known as disbursements to consider when talking to your Funeral Director, such as:
• Cremation or burial fees
• Medical certificate for cremation
• Clergy or officiant fee for conducting the ceremony
Aside from disbursements, extra options to consider include:
• Funeral flowers
• Memorial (venue hire, catering etc.)
• Memorial headstone
• Orders of service


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