Find funeral directors in Canterbury

Browsing our directory is a fast way to find Canterbury funeral directors. You’ll see a choice of independent funeral homes, plus recognised names such as Dignity and Co-op.

Do you live in the surrounding area? As well as listing Canterbury funeral homes, our directory has options in nearby towns like Whitstable and Herne Bay.

Plan a funeral in Canterbury

As an important place for Christianity in England, there are many options for Christian funerals in Canterbury, including several historic churches. There’s also a mosque in the north of the city, while Barham Crematorium can cater to other faiths, as well as non-religious funeral services.

The Canterbury borough is home to 3 council-run cemeteries, plus several active churchyards. Do you want to arrange a natural burial? All the council cemeteries have green burial sites – or you could travel to the privately run Riverview woodland burial ground near Gillingham.

Why compare funeral homes in Canterbury?

If you’re looking to arrange an affordable funeral in Canterbury, our directory helps you compare listings in one helpful place. That way, you can view costs before making final arrangements.

Also, different funeral directors can help with different things. Comparing listings gives you the information you need to make the right choice, whether you’re arranging something simple and traditional or a big, themed funeral.

Find a Canterbury crematorium

There’s one crematorium near Canterbury, Barham Crematorium. Opened in 1956, the crematorium is today managed by a private company. You’ll find it in the village of Barham, around 8 miles south of Canterbury.

Find a Canterbury cemetery or burial ground

Here are a few of the active cemeteries in Canterbury and the surrounding area:

  • Biddenden Churchyard, Ashford
  • Canterbury City Cemetery (council-run) – has a green burial ground and a dedicated Islamic burial area
  • Herne Bay Cemetery (council-run) – has a green burial ground
  • Whitstable Cemetery (council-run) – allows green burials
  • Smarden Churchyard – only allows the burial of ashes
  • St Stephen’s Churchyard, Canterbury (council-run) – only allows the burial of ashes

For information about the Canterbury City Council cemeteries, go to the council website.

Find venues for funeral wakes in Canterbury

Are you planning a wake after the funeral? You have lots of options, ranging from restaurants to hotels to your own home. Here are some venues in Canterbury that might be suitable.


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