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Searching for funeral directors in Bootle? We can help. Whether you’d like to plan an intimate memorial service or a large celebration of life you’ll be able to find local funeral homes that can help with our directory. Our listings cover a variety of funeral homes in Bootle so that you can find the right one for the funeral you’re planning.

Planning a funeral in Bootle

Bootle has a wide variety of options when you’re organising a funeral. It has one main cemetery but there are many more available in the wider area as it’s just 10 minutes away from Liverpool. The nearby crematoriums provide services in their chapels and both have gardens of remembrance. If you’re planning a religious funeral service there are mosques, synagogues and churches across Liverpool. Alternatively, Greenacres Rainford is the nearest natural burial site just 30 minutes away from Bootle. They offer green burials, cremation services and the interment of ashes.

Why compare Bootle funeral directors?

Funerals in Bootle can range in cost depending on the type of service you’re planning and when it takes place. It can even vary from one funeral director to the next. So it’s sensible to compare costs. Using our directory will help you plan an affordable funeral in Bootle. With all your options in one place you can easily compare costs and choose the most suitable funeral home to meet your needs.

Find a crematorium in Bootle

There are 2 crematoriums near Bootle. These are:

  • Anfield Cemetery and Crematorium (council-owned)
  • Thornton Garden of Rest (council-owned)

Find a cemetery in Bootle

There’s one main cemetery in Bootle. This is:

  • Bootle Cemetery (council-owned)

You can find out more about Bootle cemetery on the Sefton council website.


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