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Searching for a funeral director in Beeston? We have all the info you need in one easy-to-explore guide. In the detailed listings below, you’ll find up-to-date contact info for each of the independent funeral directors as well as larger funeral homes in Beeston, south Leeds and the surrounding area. So whether you’re looking for a great value service, a natural burial, or a send-off to meet the requirements of a particular faith, you’ll be able to find the right Beeston funeral directors to suit your needs.


Planning a Beeston funeral

There are several well-regarded crematoriums in this part of the country. And if your loved ones wishes involved burial rather than cremation, you’ll have plenty of choice about the plot you choose too. From a dedicated Jewish cemetery to numerous council-run sites, a little further afield you’ll even find a beautiful natural burial ground if you want a less traditional approach.

If you’re organising a religious service, there are several places of worship available to a multitude of different faiths within the City of Leeds.

Find a crematorium in Beeston

If you’re planning to organise a cremation, you’ll have plenty of lovely places to choose from. Within 15 miles, there are 5 crematoriums available for Beeston funerals. These are run by a variety of different councils.

  • Cottingley Hall Crematorium (Leeds City Council)
  • Rawdon Crematorium (Leeds City Council)
  • Dewsbury Moor Crematorium (Kirklees Council)
  • Wakefield Crematorium (Wakefield Council)
  • Scholemoor Crematorium (City of Bradford Council)

Find a Beeston cemetery or burial ground

There are many cemeteries and burial grounds local to Beeston. Below you’ll find some of those within 15 miles, including a Jewish cemetery and a natural burial ground, all of which any of the funeral directors in Beeston will be able to help you arrange.

  • Cottingley Hall Cemetery (Leeds City Council)
  • Jewish Cemetery, Gelderd Road
  • Upper & Lower Wortley Cemetery (Leeds City Council)
  • New Wortley Cemetery (Leeds City Council)
  • Hunslet Cemetery (Leeds City Council)
  • Morley Cemetery (Leeds City Council)
  • Armley Hill Top (Leeds City Council)
  • Gildersome Cemetery (Leeds City Council)
  • Lofthouse Cemetery (Leeds City Council)
  • Rose Hill Burial Ground (privately owned / natural ethos)

You can find more information about cemeteries in the Beeston area on the website

For more information and support about arranging a Jewish funeral in the Beeston, Leeds area,  the Leeds Jewish Orthodox Cemetery Management Association will be able to help.


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