Find funeral directors in Bedworth

If you’re planning a funeral in Bedworth, we can help. We’ve put together a list of funeral directors in the local area, including big names like Heart of England Co-Op, as well as independent choices like Hacketts funeral directors in Bedworth. This can help you compare services and prices to plan the funeral you have in mind.

Planning a funeral in Bedworth

Bedworth has a choice of 2 cemeteries and one crematorium. It’s neighbouring towns of Nuneaton, Attleborough and Longford offer more choice too.

For religious services, the area is home to several churches, Kingdom Hall and Gurdwara Baba Vadbhag Singh Ji Charitable Trust. You can find a list of places of worship – including synagogues, mosques and temples – in the wider area here.

Find a Bedworth crematorium

If you’re planning a cremation, the closest crematorium to Bedworth is privately-owned:

  • Heart of England Crematorium – set in 13 acres of countryside, this crematorium has a chapel, as well as private gardens.

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Bedworth

There are 2 council-run cemeteries in Bedworth. These are:

  • Coventry Road Cemetery, Bedworth – also known as Bedworth cemetery, this council-run cemetery is grade II listed. Please note that only vehicles accompanying a funeral cortege can drive in, but there are parking spaces next to the site.
  • Marston Lane Cemetery, Bedworth – as with Coventry Road Cemetery, only vehicles accompanying a funeral cortege can enter. You can park in spaces near to the cemetery.

For other cemeteries local to Bedworth, you could consider options in Nuneaton (roughly a 10-minute drive away):

  • Attleborough Cemetery (council-run)
  • Bucks Hill Cemetery (council-run)
  • Oaston Road Cemetery (council-run)

Another option is a natural burial. If this is something you’re considering, Temple Fields Cemetery is a privately-run, natural burial ground in Knowle, around a 30-minute drive from Bedworth.

You can find more information on Bedworth cemeteries and crematorium through the council website.

Find funeral wake venues in Bedworth

Bedworth is home to several venues that are suitable for holding a wake. Some popular options are:

  • Bedworth Heath Community Centre – this community centre has serviced the local community for 40 years. It has 2 halls for hire, each with access to its own kitchen if you wish to serve food.
  • The Greyhound Inn – this traditional, canal-side venue dates back to the 1800s. It’s well-know for its character, warmth and friendliness, having been voted the best pub in Coventry & Warwickshire four times.
  • Unicorn Social Club – the Unicorn Social Club is under a 15-minute drive from the centre of Bedworth. It has 2 large function halls, as well as plenty of parking for guests.

You can find more pubs, restaurants and alternative wake venues in Bedworth here.

We recommend taking some time to look into the different cemeteries, crematoriums and wake venues listed above before you make your choice. You can find more information through their websites or by reading independent reviews. This will help you to find the best option to meet your needs.


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