Find funeral directors in Andover

We’re here to help you find an Andover funeral director. We’ve compiled a list of local funeral directors and Andover funeral homes to help you compare the services offered and the prices charged. In our directory, you’ll see details of a number of independent family-run Andover funeral directors, as well as national names like the Co-op funeral directors Andover branch.

Planning a funeral in Andover

Planning a funeral in Andover doesn’t need to be complicated. With a local Andover crematorium, several cemeteries and a number of natural woodland burial grounds in the area, you’ll find the right choice to help you say goodbye to your loved one. Particularly with the right Andover funeral home to support you through the whole thing.

For religious and non-religious services there are a variety of chapels and churches in the Andover area. For other places of worship, such as synagogues, mosques or temples you may find you need to travel to Newbury, Southampton or Reading.

Find an Andover crematorium

If you’re looking to plan a cremation, Andover Crematorium is based at Charlton Park just to the north, while there are 2 other crematoriums within around 15 miles of the town. These include:

  • Charlton Park Crematorium, Andover
  • Basingstoke Crematorium
  • Salisbury Crematorium

Find a cemetery or burial ground in Andover

There are several council-run and privately-owned natural burial grounds in Andover and the wider Hampshire area. These include:

  • Charlton Cemetery, Andover (council-run)
  • Breach Farm Woodland Burial Ground, Andover (privately owned)
  • Whitchurch Cemetery (council-run)
  • Michael’s Wood Natural Burial Ground (privately owned)

There are also a number of parish council-owned cemeteries in the local area, many of which require residence in the local parish to be eligible for a burial plot.

You can find more details about cemeteries in the Andover area on the Test Valley Borough Council website.


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