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Searching for a funeral director in Abingdon? We have all the information you need. Using our directory, you’ll find details for independent funeral directors as well as larger funeral homes in Abingdon such as Co-op Funeralcare. Abingdon and the surrounding Vale of White Horse offer a wide range of cremation and burial options to help you plan a fitting farewell.

Planning a funeral in Abingdon

There are 2 crematoriums in Abingdon, as well as a number of cemeteries and several woodland burial grounds. For religious services, the town has numerous places of worship, with a large synagogue and a central mosque further afield in the city of Oxford.

Find an Abingdon crematorium

If you choose a cremation, there are 2 local crematoriums that are available for funerals in Abingdon:

  • South Oxfordshire Crematorium & Memorial Park
  • Oxford Crematorium & Garden of Remembrance

At Oxford Crematorium you’ll find 2 multi-faith chapels to ensure you can arrange a service appropriate for your loved one.

Find an Abingdon cemetery or burial ground

If you prefer to opt for a local Abingdon cemetery, you’ll find 2 within the town. Both run by the local council. They are:

  • Spring Road Cemetery – previously Old Cemetery
  • Spring Gardens Cemetery – previously New Cemetery

Both provide burials for both religious and non-religious people. If you wish to bury ashes, both Abingdon cemeteries now allow you to bury cremated remains in above-ground marble vaults instead of below ground.

There are several cemeteries that offer burial services in Oxford a little way to the north of the town:

  • Botley Cemetery (council-run) – new full plots available
  • Headington Cemetery (council-run) – ashes plots only
  • Rose Hill Cemetery (council-run) – ashes plots only
  • Wolvercote Cemetery (council-run) – ashes plots only

For natural or woodland burials in South Oxfordshire, you could consider:

  • South Oxfordshire Crematorium & Memorial Park (privately run)
  • Westmill Woodland Burial Garden (privately run)


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