Green funerals

Find ideas and help to plan a green funeral

There are many ways to have a greener funeral. You might choose to have a natural burial or opt for an environmentally-friendly coffin. Or it might mean choosing to reduce the impact of the funeral service itself. It's all about understanding your options, so you can make the right choice for you.

Tree pod burials in the UK

If you’re considering an eco-friendly funeral for yourself or for a loved one, you might’ve come across the idea of a tree pod burial. Here…

What is terramation?

Terramation is a new, eco-friendly alternative to burial or cremation. Read on to learn what it means, how it works and how much it costs….

A guide to green funerals

Traditional funerals and cremations can both have an impact on the environment. According to the Natural Death Centre the environmental cost of cremation is the…

What is a woodland burial?

What is a woodland burial? In a woodland burial the person who has died is buried in a designated woodland, usually a natural burial ground…