Can you have a funeral on a weekend?

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Can you have a funeral on a Saturday or Sunday? Simply put, yes, you can. In the UK, while it’s most common for funerals to be held during the week, it may be possible to say goodbye to a loved one on a Saturday or Sunday, as well. Whether or not this is an option will depend mostly on the type of service you want, the availability of your chosen funeral director / parish and the budget you have to pay for the funeral.

When does a funeral normally take place?

It’s most common to hold a funeral between 1-2 weeks after a person has died. Although how long between a death and a funeral can vary depending on the circumstances. Some religious funerals require that the ceremony take place as soon as possible, potentially bringing it forward a few days. Situations which require an inquest from the coroner can mean that the funeral is delayed for slightly longer than the usual 1-2 weeks.

What days are funerals usually held on in the UK?

Usually, the funeral itself will take place Monday to Friday, either as a morning or midday service. An early morning ceremony is an especially good time if money is a concern, since time slots from 12pm onwards are generally the most in-demand and therefore the most expensive. However, the date and time you choose should be based on what’s most convenient for you and your family members (and which coincides with the availability of your funeral director and/or parish). You shouldn’t feel the need to hold a midweek service just because it’s common practice.

Things to consider for a weekend funeral

While not all parishes or funeral directors will accommodate a weekend funeral, many now do. A Saturday morning service can be especially beneficial if many people need to travel from out of town to make it. Typically, funerals on Saturday cost around £500 to £1,000 more than a midweek service, since those involved often charge higher rates for working at the weekend. The same applies to funerals that take place on a Bank Holiday.

There is no explicit Christian scripture which prevents churches from holding funerals on Sunday. However, you may find that your local parish or funeral director doesn’t offer this option due to religious considerations. It’s also worth remembering that for most churches, Sunday is the busiest day of the week and they may not have space in their schedule for a funeral service.

Of course, the availability of a Saturday (and indeed Sunday) funeral will depend on your own religion, location and unique circumstances. If having a weekend funeral is a high priority for you, it’s a good idea to make sure you ask about this before choosing your funeral director.

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