About Al-Akhirah Muslim Funeral Directors, Birmingham

Al-Akhirah Muslim Funeral Directors is an independent funeral home offering Islamic funeral services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Their team can help you arrange a traditional Islamic funeral, personalised to reflect the life and values of the person who has died. Their services include washing and shrouding the deceased (Ghusl), as well as organising and leading Janazah prayers. Al-Akhirah Muslim Funeral Directors can also help with repatriation, if you need this.

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Accreditations and associations

  • NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors)

Funeral types

Attended burial This is a burial which includes a funeral service where mourners can attend. The fees shown include the funeral director's fees. Third party burial costs such as burial plots aren't included.
Prices from £900
Attended burial
Prices from£900

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01215 724325

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Services included


  • Muslim


  • Headstones/plaques
  • Prepaid funeral plans
  • Unattended burial
  • Repatriation

Support And Access

  • 24-hour telephone line


69 Anderton Road, Birmingham, , B11 1LZ

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Funeral home opening times

Outside of normal hours, visits can be made by appointment only

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Price last updated: 12/12/2023