How to get help with funeral costs

Need help with funeral costs? There are many different ways to get support. You’ll need to look at the options to understand what’s available to you. This is because it varies depending on your age, income and location. Even your job, or the job of the person who has died, can make a difference to the help you can get. To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of resources that will point you in the right direction so you can get the support you need.

Help with funeral costs if you’re on benefits 

If you’re on benefits you may be able to get help with funeral costs. The government offers a funeral expenses payment which could cover about 41% of the average cost of a simple funeral (Quaker Social Action) but this depends on what benefits you get.

If that’s not an option you could apply for a budgeting loan or a bereavement support payment from the DWP. Click on the link below to explore all your options so you can get the financial help with funeral costs that you need.

On benefits? Get help with funeral costs>>

Charities that can help with funeral costs

There are many charities out there that provide financial help. Some will also help with funeral costs. We’ve put together a list of charities that offer grants to help with funeral costs depending on your circumstances. Click on the link below to see if one of these charities could help you.

Get help with funeral costs from a charity>>

Help with funeral costs for pensioners

If you’re an older person with a low income you may be able to get support from the government. If that doesn’t apply there are other organisations that may be able to give you the financial support you need. Click on the link below to find out more.

Of state pension age? Get help with funeral costs>>

Other ways to get help with funeral costs


If you aren’t eligible for any government or charity grants, you could raise money to pay for the funeral instead. You could set up an online page where family and friends can make donations. This is known as crowdfunding. There are many sites where you can set this up.

Well known crowdfunding sites include:

Learn more about raising money for funeral costs >>

Recover your costs from the estate

It’s possible the person who died left some money or property behind (also known as their estate). If this is the case, you might be able to recover the costs of the funeral. But this may not cover everything. And you may have to pay for the funeral before you can access the money of the person who died.

Get in touch with the person responsible for the estate (also known as the administrator of the estate) to check how much money you’ll be able to recover. Keep in mind that if the person who died had any debt such as a mortgage then this may have to be paid before funeral costs. Knowing how much money you will have access to will help you plan your budget.

Check for life insurance or funeral plans

If the person who died had a life insurance or funeral plan, you could use this to cover part or all of the funeral costs. If they didn’t tell you they had a plan or insurance policy before they died, it can still be worth checking. Here’s how to find out if someone had a life insurance policy.

Still looking for help?

Struggling to find the help you need? The Down To Earth funeral costs helpline may be able to help. If you’re on benefits or have a low income and the funeral has not taken place yet, call them for support. You’ll speak to an experienced advisor who will be able to help you reduce costs or raise the money you need to organise a funeral. Call 0208 983 5055 or email


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